You have just been admitted into the Veterinary School here at UGA. Your professors give you access to an e-book with web lessons to study the material. Unfortunately, the e-book is dense with poor graphics and difficult navigation, and the web lessons aren’t much better. This is where StudyBug comes in! StudyBug is an iOS app that condenses all of the information that is found in the web lessons into chapter categories with easy navigation. StudyBug also allows students to test how much they’ve learned with quizzes and flashcards.

The goal of StudyBug is to simplify studying.

Additionally, we have a larger purpose to meet students where they are: on their phones! We think that StudyBug could change the way our colleagues study across a variety of majors and beyond veterinary pathology. Take a look around, and we hope you'll see how educational applications could revolutionize studying!



Here you'll find our initial project plan, a description of our clients, a little more about the team, and our comprehensive research.


This is our first "go" at our project! This may be the best it will ever look, but by clicking this link you can get a feel for what we're aiming towards!

Promotional Video

See what all the hype is about in the StudyBug trailer!


See our final blog post to understand StudyBug's purpose and functionality!

Promotional Materials



Our one-pager explains the features of StudyBug!